My name is Anthony Shelton. I’m a complex individual with a mission to make a difference on this wild journey we call life. I was born and raised in rural eastern North Carolina by an amazing single mother who did everything she knew to provide for my younger brother and myself. From a very young age, I can remember being creative and using my imagination in most areas of my life, including school when I should have been paying more attention versus daydreaming.

Professional Makeup Artistry became a passion of mine in my early twenties. However, makeup has been something I’ve enjoyed since a young child. I remember sneaking into my mother’s makeup bag while she was at work and I was left home to babysit my younger brother. Not sure why, but my thoughts were to use my brother as my model when these shenanigans would ensue. He made a gorgeous model. That also lead to me starting to apply makeup on others when I was working as a freelance photographer at nineteen or twenty.

From that point, I had a stint in entertainment where I quickly learned stage and theatre makeup. This exposure lead to me being asked by my friends to do their makeup for parties and events. One thing leads to another and my career as a professional makeup artist has taken me from helping my clients with weddings and events to working in film and photography.